Current thinking

Banned - but not in my name.
Each day as the news unravels we see more hatred and xenophobia, the people made outcast by the current regime, are decent people just like us. The people shown were my teachers family, from when I lived in the middle east, educated, generous and kind, yet we will now show them the wall no matter what pain they suffer - not in my name.
Composite image
Kodachrome (shot in 1969) on top of corrugated iron wall shot on FP4.
I took this picture because, for me, its has a right and left component that are hard to look at simultaneously. This made me think of the concept of "Doublethink" the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct - from 1984 by George Orwell.
While the mind may rebel with visual contradiction not so with others, we routinely hear doublethink from the right wing, for example, hailing the breaking down of walls after the cold war, yet boosting the need for walls elsewhere - somehow those contradictory ideas live well together in some folks.
Mamiya 645 45mm FP4+
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