Lost Artwork

The forgotten murals of W. Hubbard St Chicago - Scroll down to see more

Lost Artwork - Hubbard Street Murals

This forms the beginning of a project to photograph some of what was the Hubbard Street mural project initiated in the 1970's. My motivations are to explore how time and decay have affected these artworks. The original murals were a project of Ricardo Alonzo, an Art Institute of Chicago graduate. Over an eight-year period, Alonzo and volunteers from the West Town Community Art Center painted murals along a mile-long stretch of Hubbard Street, from Des Plaines to Ogden, until their funding ran out in 1979. The originals would have been vibrant and colourful, time and paint overs have taken their toll, so FP4 and medium format seem a respectful way to work with them. After producing some shots in monochrome, I decided to reshoot the set in colour to have a better record of the original work.

All the murals shown were produced by a project lead by Ricardo Alonzo.
 Fish fading into the wall.
 A faded artists pallet - many of the murals have been affected by work done on the railway embankment.
A snake's face split by renovation on the railway embankment.
A duck swims among the vines that grow up the embankment.
Part of a penguin head is all that remains of one element of the mural, letting the mind focus on the beak and what strange creature that may be.
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